The oil

The obtained oil is an “Extra-virgin oil”, as its extraction uses only physical methods with 0,8% lower acidity and faultness taste (as per chemical and organolectic tests). Its own nature is highly preservable thanks to darkness and low temperatures: further more, it’s a monovariant oil produced using only in the farm cultivated olives of “Coratina “ sort.

From pressing we obtain an oil having a a strong bitter and piquant friut taste: three qualities of extravirgin oil which are sign of genuineness, good growing and solubility. Winter sedimentation takes an oil taste evolution, which becomes dainter and clearer.

Organolectic significant and mostly characterizing is its fruit-tasting flavor which reminds of the tasteof healty freshes and at right maturity picked-up fruits, often with a bitter and piquant taste.

“Bitter” is a quality coming from the sort and maturity degree of olives and dipendson the contents of tocopherols and polyphenols, which are anti-oxiding useful factors.