Oil and health

Oil is a precious friend of our health. It’s proved that the extra-virgin olive oil protects against cardivascular illness and neoplastic risks. It’s also useful for the hepatic apparatus when helping the gald-bladder to empty and also for intestinal functions. Another advantage is protecting against gastroduodenal ulcers and hypersecreting gastritis. Among all fats, it’s the most digestible, thanks to its chemical composition: sort, fatty acids, ad anti-oxiding factors content. Main fatty acid of extra-virgin oil is the monosaturated oleic oil which ihibits cholosterol to accumulate (as the animal fat to the contrary do). It isn’t attackable by peroxidement producinf free radicals which damage the cells (peroxidement is active on polyinsatured fatty acids coming from germs oil).

The presence of anti-oxidings (tocopherol, carotenoids, polyphenols) in extravirgin oil represents a further defense against these degradations for both: oil by itself and users.

Extra-virgin olive oil, because of its composition with a main part of moonoinsatured fats, a few polyinsatured fats, with the presence of antioxiders, is an ideal nourishment for human physiology.