Organic Farming

Organic farming is conceived for environment respect and consumer’s health. For this reason it’s submitted to accurate cultural norms enabling to re-establishand defend the natural balance of the agricultural echo-system, not allowing at same time to use fertilizers and synthetic phytodrugs. It’s also submitted to constant controls from third institutes. All of that, in accordance with the european Community regulations (Reg EC 2092/91 and further integrations) adopted by the member-Lands and internationally recognized. These norms refer to both: olive trees and industrial manufacture (extraction, conservation, bottling and oil sale). For both phases we’ve obtained the conformit as per the said regulations.

The institute which tests and certificates our farm is ICEA (Institute for Ethic and environmental certification) authorized by MI.P.A.F n° 91737 low decree dated 18/7/2002 in respect with the previous mentioned european community regulations.